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How to factory reset Apple iPhone 4 (2 methods explained)

In this article, you will learn to factory reset Apple iPhone 4 Android smartphone. You will be able to perform soft as well as hard reset on Apple iPhone 4 after reading this article. 2 methods to factory reset Apple iPhone 4 explained.

Method 1: Soft Factory Reset Apple iPhone 4

  • First of all, go to settings on Apple iPhone 4
  • Back up and Reset and if you don't find it, try looking for User and Backup section in Apple iPhone 4
  • On User and backup you will find Factory data reset (Tap this)
  • Warning! Make sure you backup your necessary files before factory resetting your Apple iPhone 4 because all of the data that will be removed
  • If you have already backed up your things, just click reset device on Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4

Method 2: Hard Factory Reset Apple iPhone 4

  • To hard reset your Apple iPhone 4, you will need to go to recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, you will find Wipe date/factory reset
  • Use, volume buttons on your Apple iPhone 4 to select
  • This will force wipe out everything and gives your smartphone the default user interface
So, these were the 2 simple methods that you can use to factory reset Apple iPhone 4.