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How to factory reset HTC D820US (2 methods explained)

In this article, you will learn to factory reset HTC D820US Android smartphone. You will be able to perform soft as well as hard reset on HTC D820US after reading this article. 2 methods to factory reset HTC D820US explained.

Method 1: Soft Factory Reset HTC D820US

  • First of all, go to settings on HTC D820US
  • Back up and Reset and if you don't find it, try looking for User and Backup section in HTC D820US
  • On User and backup you will find Factory data reset (Tap this)
  • Warning! Make sure you backup your necessary files before factory resetting your HTC D820US because all of the data that will be removed
  • If you have already backed up your things, just click reset device on HTC D820US

Method 2: Hard Factory Reset HTC D820US

  • To hard reset your HTC D820US, you will need to go to recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, you will find Wipe date/factory reset
  • Use, volume buttons on your HTC D820US to select
  • This will force wipe out everything and gives your smartphone the default user interface
So, these were the 2 simple methods that you can use to factory reset HTC D820US.